The results are in – Canada's top 75 brokers 2021

The results are in – Canada's top 75 brokers 2021

The results are in – Canada

After receiving over 250 nominations, Mortgage Broker News can finally reveal Canada’s top 75 mortgage brokers over the past 12 months – and it’s clear that, despite a year that was like no other, the profession continued to hit new heights in 2020.

Each member of this year’s Top 75 list funded at least $81 million in residential mortgages – an increase of $12 million from the previous year’s threshold. That feat is doubly impressive considering the profound changes undergone by the industry as a result of COVID-19, with face-to-face meetings no longer possible and a swift adjustment to remote work required.

“The mortgage brokerage industry has been extremely resilient in the face of the pandemic,” said Dino Di Pancrazio, president, M3 Operations. “It’s [brokers’] commitment to their customers, and their commitment to professionalism and how they do their business that got us here.”

Gary Mauris, president and CEO, Dominion Lending Centres (DLC), said that the record-breaking year also saw many people deciding to use a mortgage professional for the first time ever. “Once you use a mortgage professional, you realize how powerful that relationship is,” he said.

Brokers were invited to submit nominations online, with applicants required to have personally initiated all residential deals and volume submitted. Each broker was also required to submit a breakdown of their deals, all of which were required to have been residential (with no other parties receiving commission on the deals).

The result is a conclusive list of Canada’s top 75 mortgage brokers over the past year, with CMP also highlighting the brokers excelling in more limited markets by recognizing the Top 20 Small Market Brokers (those working in markets with an average home price value of $365,000 or less).

Check out the Top 75 Brokers 2021 list here – and raise a glass to this year’s winners.