The next evolution of rate sites

The next evolution of rate sites

The next evolution of rate sites Rate sites may become even more ubiquitous thanks to new technology.

“We’re using the Google Home technology to bring our mortgage rates to consumers directly into their house through Google Home,” Janine White, vice president of, told “The way the technology works is that you actually build a functionality that is compatible with Google Home or (other smart home devices) and what the trigger word would be is ‘ask rate supermarket …’ which comes to our technology and goes to our (broker) partners we currently engage with and search that database. Google Home then tells them what the lowest rates available are.”

Kanetix, the parent company of, announced last week it is the first rate company to use voice-activated technology through Google Home to connect home buyers with mortgage rates.

The announcement will likely divide brokers; many use rate sites’ services to reach clients while others argue their use emphasises the importance of low rates over the services brokers provide.

Regardless, the move by RateSupermarket shows its dedication to being at the forefront of embracing new technologies.

“I think it’s definitely the next evolution in that it’s another device that a consumer may want to use to access (mortgage rates),” White said. “As that space is continuing to evolve, we need to be present in whatever way the customer wants to connect; whether that is online, mobile, or now this voice-activated personal assistant.”