The broker channel and mixed martial arts?

The broker channel and mixed martial arts?

The broker channel and mixed martial arts?

With many conventional advertising methods tapped out, broker channel players are coming up with increasingly creative ways to catch the public eye, although this player’s out-of-the-box thinking KO’s all others.

“Canadians are some of the biggest MMA fans so the presence and exposure is a great way for institutional brands to get their name out there,” Rajan Kaushal, managing director for Tribecca Finance Corporation, told “It’s more than just a sponsorship; I want Elias to do the best and be the best he can be.”

It’s an unconventional partnership but, then again, Elias “The Spartan” Theodorou is an unconventional mixed martial artist.

The undefeated champion of two different organizations – who just so happens to be Canada’s highest ranked middleweight outside the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) – looks like he belongs on an Abercrombie and Fitch shopping bag and not in a ring. The comparison is more apt than you’d think, as Theodorou used to model for the California clothing company. Even the way he fights is considered unconventional.

“I’m an unorthodox fighter; my biggest asset is cardio,” Theodorou told “I used to be a marathon runner.”

When he isn’t training for his next fight, Theodorou dabbles in other activities. And as a graduate of Guelph Humber’s creative advertising program, he is very aware of developing his own brand.

“My focus is MMA but you have to find different ways to expand your brand,” he said. “I’ve modelled for Harlequin Romance novels, stunt work and acting. I’m going to appear in an upcoming Lion’s Gate film called #1 Contender.”

His partnership with Tribecca – and Kaushal, in particular – started out as a friendship. And although he is his sponsor, Theodorou considers him a mentor as well.

“There is a Thai saying that translates to ‘same, same but different’,” Theodorou says. “My branding and marketing is similar to Rajan’s (but in a different field).”

The Mississauga-raised fighter is looking forward in his career, which may hold his most exciting opportunity yet. Theodorou has made it past the first round of tryouts for the UFC’s forthcoming “Canada vs. Australia” season and if he makes it onto the show, he will continue to support Tribecca.

“No matter how far my career goes, the partnership will always remain.”