Marlborough Stirling rebrand unveiled

Marlborough Stirling rebrand unveiled

Marlborough Stirling rebrand unveiled

DLC has rebranded Marlborough Stirling, and has announced big plans for the platform.

Marlborough Stirling has been renamed Newton Connectivity Systems.

“We’re really excited to bring Newton to the mortgage industry,” Geoff Willis, president and CEO of Newton, said. “Not only will mortgage brokers and lenders appreciate the direct connectivity we deliver, they are going to embrace our attitude towards constant improvement and exceeding expectations.”          

Named after Sir Isaac Newton, the platform will directly connect brokers and lenders to help manage mortgage transactions.

“Newton will begin with Velocity, a broker operating program that pulls everything needed into one secure, cloud-based system,” the company said in a release. “Delivering ultimate control with direct application connectivity to lenders, document management, and simplified client communications with embedded tools and campaigns.”

Its features will include;

  • Direct connectivity to lenders – no secondary systems to access
  • Embedded credit reporting providing fully complete applications for approval
  • Secure document direct transfer and storage between lenders and industry partners
  • Cost savings to both mortgage lenders and brokers
  • Robust, in depth business analytics

Direct connectivity is planned for a March.

Dominion Lending Centres acquired Marlborough Stirling, the country’s second largest technology company in late 2016 for $5.5 million.

“We believe this transaction is a significant step forward for the DLC group of companies,” Gary Mauris, president of DLC, said at the time. “It provides us an additional origination delivery platform and allows us to have material influence on user experience, data management, and will easily allow us to add additional revenue streams under a central platform."

  • nick 2017-02-22 10:52:25 AM
    As a present morweb user and independant mortgage broker, i wonder when DLC is going to let me know how this affects me. Interestingly enough i was one of the early users and for my loyalty the reward is being sold to my competition.
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  • Ron Butler 2017-02-23 2:10:42 PM
    The truth is this is just commerce, MB wanted to sell, no one can blame DLC for wanting to buy. Gary and Chris have bought a lot of mortgage entities over the years and I have seen very few tears in the aftermath, in fact, more positive than negative.
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  • 2017-02-26 11:24:09 PM
    Nick thanks for supporting Morweb all these years. We have no plans to affect you except to improve and innovate the system for your use. If you'd like to talk about it further please feel free to call me at 604-657-9195. Geoff Willis
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