CLC Network announces latest innovation partnership

CLC Network announces latest innovation partnership

CLC Network announces latest innovation partnership

Mortgage tech company CLC Network has announced its latest partnership with the innovative MCommercial team.

In the wake of CLC Network’s highly successful “Series A” financing round, the company said that this new agreement will propel its growth to unprecedented heights.

CLC Network added that MCommercial will provide industry-leading solutions and support for its commercial mortgage business.

“[CLC] agents will also benefit from competitive resources, namely seamless technology integration which will optimize their service offering and overall mortgage process,” the company said.

“Our companies both share a common vision, which is to deliver a seamless customer experience at every step of the real estate journey,” said Shubha Dasgupta, co-founder and CEO of CLC Network. “This strategic agreement is a testament to our ambition to be an agent of change in the industry, by leveraging technology and elevating standards of quality in training and service.”

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Michel Durand, president and founder of MCommercial, hailed the alliance as a good sign for both organizations.

“I believe that the CLC Network is set to become one of Canada’s most innovative mortgage companies, with its ambitious growth plan and unique positioning in the sector in terms of technology,” Durand said. “Above all, they strive to put their people at the heart of everything they do and to deliver premium customer experience, which is something we have in common. Together, we will have the resources to leverage our joint expertise to tackle the challenges our industry and clients are facing by providing tailored commercial mortgage solutions.”