Altus Group launches new edition of investment platform

Altus Group launches new edition of investment platform

Altus Group launches new edition of investment platform

Altus Group has announced the latest edition of its ARGUS Cloud commercial real estate investment tool, which will feature new cloud-enabled solutions and capabilities.

Introduced late last year, the centralized storage platform helps industry clients with their decision-making processes by facilitating collaboration and improving the efficiency of workflows.

The company said that ARGUS Cloud will now come with fresh, powerful features, including the “Cloud-Only Deployment” of its industry-standard ARGUS Enterprise. The move is intended to assist users looking to streamline operational costs by “storing all of their data in the cloud while still supporting full integration with existing on-premise AE users.”

“The ARGUS Cloud platform leverages the intelligence of AE to both support existing on-premise solutions and power a series of new critical web-based applications designed to better manage the challenges facing today’s CRE professionals.”

The new edition of the tool will also allow users to migrate multiple server instances of AE to a single cloud database, improving file accessibility and visibility in clients’ organizations.

“Centrally located models allow users to collaborate more easily across their business and with partners which simplifies workflow processes and ensures a consistent view of assets throughout their lifecycle.”

Other crucial additions are benchmarking and reporting capabilities.

ARGUS Cloud will now allow “customers to utilize comparables and dashboards to efficiently benchmark existing assets and portfolios to support enhanced analysis and effective decision-making. Future functionality will enable benchmarking with third-party data and aggregated AE peer data.”