Sky’s the limit

Sky’s the limit

Sky’s the limit

At only 32, Laura Martin is riding a trajectory only a select few have enjoyed prior to becoming industry luminaries.

In 2007, Martin was an office manager at a real estate office but upon meeting Shawn Allen, he recommended she enter the mortgage industry. Within six months of working as an agent, she was training agents on her own team, having closed 20 deals in her first six months.
“It was a crazy learning curve,” Martin told “Then I became a broker.”

She says that the business isn’t for the faint of heart because brokers juggle so many things—“You have to look for business via marketing, remarket old clients, catch up with renewals, know which lenders do what, know how to package a deal, be good at collecting documents, and stay on top of everything. It’s crazy the amount of different skills it requires.”

The transformative moment in Martin’s career—to date—is when she began focusing on her strengths, which she describes as big-picture thinking. A natural saleswoman, Martin is an adept business operator who can place a tricky deal.

“That’s what keeps me interested these days, and what truly motivates me is building a team at Matrix Mortgage Global and spreading it internationally and merging top-of-the-line fintech with state-of-the-art training and different sources of loans and money. Everything from micro loans to development projects to financing cannabis production.”

Martin has a master’s degree in business psychology, so it isn’t surprising that she’s attained so much at such a young age, but as she tells it, sky’s the limit.

First, however, she has some other goals.

“Matrix is building up our business to have a really strong presence nationally,” she said. “We have about 100 agents right now and we’re going to double that next year. That’s the only way to scale the growth. My passion lies in other people—whether from a different industry or not—succeeding. Everyone can be a mortgage agent with the systems we set up. I love hiring recent graduates and giving them the tools to make uncapped income."