Regina's most engaging tweeter shares his tips

Regina's most engaging tweeter shares his tips


The man who got his start as a broker’s consigliere (minus the Mafioso connotation), has now been voted the most engaging person on Twitter in his city – and what he attributes his success to may surprise you and help you pick business.

“Unbelievable good looks. I am amazing looking… absolutely not,” Keith Andrade, the affable social media star, told

His activeness in social media garnered him the top spot in a list of Regina’s top 100 ranked by The methodology ranked each profile based on the percentage of Tweets with @contacts, which signify a conversation taking place on Twitter; the higher the percentage, the more the person converses via Twitter.

The real reason for his success – though he seems uncomfortable with the term – is setting his ego aside and engaging with people about things they care about. It’s something brokers are learning to do in order to make a better go of their social media campaigns.

“I read a blog written by Jeph Maystruck (a Regina marketing consultant) that said ‘no one cares about what you have to say, it’s about listening to what others are saying’; engage with them in a conversation,” Andrade said. “I like to talk to people and take care of others.”

And he’s got some advice for mortgage brokers who use Twitter and other social media.

“Stop selling rates as their value proposition,” Andrade said. “Start engaging with people and bringing value into other peoples’ lives: sharing interesting blogs, sharing information, get news to people without asking for anything in return; offer your services without asking for anything in term.”

For Andrade, the key to successfully harnessing Twitter to build your business is through building trust and long-term relationships with people.

“Jackson Middleton has this quote: ‘people do business with who they know, like and trust.’And that’s my intention,” Andrade said. “If someone sends me a lead it’s because they like me and they trust me because I’m trustworthy. Social media is all about a long-term play, not making a quick buck.”

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