Real estate investment trends to watch out for this year

Real estate investment trends to watch out for this year

Real estate investment trends to watch out for this year The latest wide-ranging market outlook released by Morguard Corporation painted a confident picture of the Canadian real estate investment segment’s robust activity this year, a trend fuelled by a healthy demand for quality assets.

“Investors remain enthusiastic about the Canadian commercial real estate market after a record volume of transactions in 2017,” Morguard director of research Keith Reading said during the release of the 2018 Canadian Economic Outlook and Market Fundamentals Research Report.

“There is a high supply of capital ready to be invested and Canadian commercial real estate is a proven performer. We are predicting another very busy and competitive market environment across the country in the coming year.”

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The downtown areas of Vancouver and Toronto are projected to remain the most desired investment destinations in 2018. Suburban Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal are also predicted to enjoy strong activity levels. And even Alberta, which had previously pulled down nationwide averages, is showing signs of renewed life.

“Intense bidding for a limited pool of downtown properties will force investors to look elsewhere for opportunity,” Reading stated. “Class A properties in suburban markets, particularly those near transit nodes, will be in high demand. Edmonton and Calgary will also see increased activity as investors look for high-quality assets in a recovering market and economy.”

“Long term, market-dominant retail centres should be able to alleviate immediate pressure on vacancy by providing prime space to new, high-growth traditional retailers and service retailers,” Reading added. “The fact remains that Canada is a country of shoppers, and recent positive economic and employment trends should drive healthy spending growth for the foreseeable future.”

The full report can be accessed here.

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