Public votes on brokerage's next national TV ad

Public votes on brokerage's next national TV ad

Public votes on brokerage

Mortgage Alliance asked the public to vote on the company’s next national television ad… and the results are in.

“The strategy was to engage (and) what inspired us to do it was the fact that we had all these views on the first video we did,” Louie Bettio of Mortgage Alliance told “We do videos once a year, which we hope will go viral; our first one was ‘AcciDances’ which got 500,000 views on our website.”

The winning advertisement, “Out of the Box”, which competed against “AcciDances” will air on Monday – after having attained more than 11,000 votes. In it, the fictionalized “Director of Apologies” apologizes for the fact that Mortgage Alliance isn’t as big as the banks.

“It’s true: We’re simply not,” the director says. “We don’t even have a fancy velvet rope to herd you through the lineups… yeah, they’re bigger, but we work harder.”

He then explains that, at Mortgage Alliance, they work with a number of different lenders; he piles coloured boxes to represent the banks, trust companies, credit unions and many specialized mortgage lenders – only available through brokers.

When stacked up, the boxes eclipse the model of a bank, causing the director to come to a surprising conclusion.

“Hey, wait a minute,” he says. “We are bigger than the banks!”

It’s a message Mortgage Alliance feels will bolster not only its image, but the image of the industry as a whole.

“The videos deepen the brand and convey the message (about) what we do as brokers for consumers; something they may not have thought of,” Bettio concluded.

To view the ad – and the runner up – click here. And be sure to watch out for the ad when it airs on national TV this week.



  • Ginger Mortgage Gal 2013-11-11 11:26:20 AM
    Great ads. lov'em both! good job mac and good luck with the new campaign
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  • Daryl 2013-11-11 2:08:52 PM
    Love the ads...actually quite hilarious. Not sure if the guys short, dorky tie is helping anything, but overall some great ads.
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  • Sarah Watts 2013-11-11 4:31:06 PM
    Best ad I have seen in a long time. This should be entered into the award show! Great job Mac!
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