Properly's new service to maximize sellers' chances in bidding wars

Properly's new service to maximize sellers' chances in bidding wars


Canadian tech-enabled brokerage Properly has announced the launch of a new service aimed at helping home sellers boost their potential in bidding wars and sell their units for the highest prices possible.

Properly Polish, powered by Jiffy, offers sellers a $20,000 interest-free advance towards over 40 possible choices of home upgrades and improvements, which will be implemented prior to listing.

The service assists home owners by providing recommended improvements, with a focus on those that will “add the most value to the home before selling,” Properly said. “All updates are then coordinated and executed using Jiffy – usually within a week – from painting, to landscaping, to general handyman services.”

The system will be especially helpful to those looking to maximize their resource allocation, as the seller will pay back the upgrade costs only after the sale closes. This will remove “the financial burden and stress of managing home upgrades prior to listing,” Properly added.

“Something as simple as a paint job or basic landscaping has shown time and time again to result in higher home sale prices, yet organizing and paying in advance for these services is highly stressful and financially difficult,” said Anshul Ruparell, co-founder and CEO of Properly. “We recognize these improvements can mean the difference between receiving one or two offers, and setting a new price record on your street.”