Prioritizing contacts to up referrals

Prioritizing contacts to up referrals

Prioritizing contacts to up referrals Be most effective by focusing on the more important contacts.

You can't contact everyone.

Those who are successful understand an important concept which must be applied in this case and in your business constantly.

The concept is "prioritization." I am talking about prioritizing marketing activity by elevating it up to the same level of importance as managing your pipeline. But I am also talking about prioritizing what marketing actions you undertake.

Yes, you can't call everyone on every loan. If you close ten per month, that would be 60 meetings a month.
That would not be realistic.

But if you look at the opportunities within a sphere of a transaction, one will be more important than the others. Perhaps in one case it is a possible relationship with a listing agent. On another it may be an accountant or insurance agent. Making one call and having one meeting with a possible referral source can be accomplished for each loan.

That is one of the differences between those who are successful and those who are not.

Those who are effective focus on the more important contacts. Remember, every contact you go after will not click.

But if you added one important referral source per month through your pipeline, what would that do to your business in the long run?

Take that over a few years and you would grow your business exponentially.

And then most important point is that it costs you nothing and keeps you "inside" your pipeline.