Poloz quantifies rate cut savings

Poloz quantifies rate cut savings

Poloz quantifies rate cut savings Governor of the Bank of Canada Stephen Poloz has provided concrete numbers on how much Canadians have saved by renewing mortgages in the wake of January’s rate cut.

“Bank staff estimate that a household that has renewed a $100,000 mortgage would save about $250 in interest payments this year,” Poloz said during a speech at the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce Tuesday. “That’s on top of the roughly $500 that the average household will save in gasoline costs.”

It’s useful information for brokers who will likely count on renewal business for the remainder of the year, with rates expected to remain low. 

In a speech, titled “The Way Home: Reading the Economic Signs,” Poloz addressed the state of the economy and how the Bank of Canada plans to rebuild it.

Currently, the forecast is that the first quarter of the year will experience no growth. However, a rebound is expected next year.

“Our view, as we set out in last month’s Monetary Policy Report, is that growth will rebound partially in the second quarter,” Poloz said. “While there’s still a risk that lower oil prices could have a greater impact, the signs we have seen to date lead us to believe that the impact of the shock is proving to be faster than we first expected, but not larger.”

However, he did note how uncertain the outlook is.

“In recent weeks, both oil prices and the Canadian dollar have moved higher,” he said. “We will need to carefully consider these and other economic and financial developments and how Canadian companies and households are likely to react in the months ahead.”
  • Darr Robbins 2015-05-20 9:37:08 AM
    What a spin! What Poloz is not telling you is that a .25% cut in cap rates on a $700,000 property increased its price by more than $46,000.
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  • Darr Robbins 2015-05-20 11:42:30 AM
    Central bankers will always tell you that things will improve in the second half. I'm not suggesting that they become alarmist but simply to provide a balanced view between the upsides and the caveats.

    The greatest risk for Poloz's plan is a deflating US economy which no mainstream media or central banker discusses. This will strengthen the Canadian dollar as foreign investors pull-back from their USD denominated investments. Poloz will have no choice but to cut rates further to prevent the Cando from appreciating if he wants to support non-energy exports. Consequently and notwithstanding a change in domestic supply & demand factors, Canadian real estate prices will rise as interest rates fall.
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