Personal brands: How to stand out from the pack

Personal brands: How to stand out from the pack

Personal brands: How to stand out from the pack

As a mortgage broker, you are constantly influencing others. A personal brand can sometimes be seen as lightweight, but it’s not just about your image – as important as that is. Personal branding is also about how you manage who you are, how you lead your clients, and how effectively you partner with your associates. Truly effective personal branding is about how you’re perceived, because all brands exist in the minds of their market.


Let’s say you’re a real estate agent. You’re judged by your vendors, prospects, and associates on the way you manage the sales process, the value you add to your vendor through expert advice and superior negotiation skills, the integrity you bring to the sales process, and how you handle expectations. Add to that the cut and style of your clothes, your promptness, your emotional and social intelligence, the car you drive, and your grooming.

Now add to that your online presence: your website and your social media profiles. They all tell a story. The more they align with who you are and the value you bring face-to-face, the more ‘on brand’ your digital channels are, the better they serve you. If any of these don’t match, however, you’ve just spent a lot of time and effort putting out mixed messages that could cost you business.

Everything we do and say, display, drive and wear, tweet, blog or video – even the company we keep – impacts on our personal brand. That has a direct impact on our bottom line. Here is the one biggest mistake I see people make with their personal brand.


Yes, your social media, marketing material, website, personal appearance, character, reputation and style all play a huge part in your personal brand. But is it all about you? One place I see this in spades with clients who come to me is in their marketing copy. If your current marketing is all about you and not enough about how you can benefit your clients, here are some simple ways to remedy the situation.


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