Ord's contributions to MA 'recognized'

Ord's contributions to MA 'recognized'


The CEO of Pacific Mortgage Group is publicly acknowledging the contributions of Mortgage Architects founder Bob Ord, at the same time expressing confidence in the team and corporate “culture” he leaves behind with his departure.

“We recognize Bob's significant contributions to Mortgage Architects and the mortgage brokerage industry,” Alex Haditaghi told MortgageBrokerNews.ca, in a statement last week, “and wish him well with his future endeavours. We give credit to Bob Ord for developing such as strong senior management team - Alice Chan, Dong Lee, Meini Ickert, Kelly Neuber, Suzanna Stefanec, Joanne Vickery, Lorraine Sato, Luisa Simonetti and Glen Ward are the best management team in the industry and continue to be there for all of the planners at Mortgage Architects.”

The comments follow on the heels of Ord’s unexplained exit from Mortgage Architects, the national brokerage he headed as both chairman and CEO.  He, in fact, launched the company in 2006, and presided over the operation when Pacific acquired it in March 2010. Lending arm myNext Mortgage Company was also part of the equation.

Ord’s departure comes little more than a year since that deal was struck and has raised eyebrows across the industry. The veteran mortgage professional -- who also played pivotal roles in building Mortgage Intelligence, FirstLine, Mortgage Centre Canada and Filogix --  could not be reached for comment late last week.

Haditaghi is now pointing to plans to further build on the model Ord created at Mortgage Architects, identifying Alice Chan as “the Acting Leader." He’s also suggesting those new plans will leave the corporate culture of the company largely unchanged.

“Pacific also knew that the secret to the successful acquisition of Mortgage Architects and myNext Mortgage was to respect the traditions, broker models and culture of the companies,” he told MortgageBrokerNews.ca. 

Despite the loss of Ord, the company will continue to implement its long-term strategic plan.

"We're very focused on what we want to accomplish," said Chan.  "We're holding a technology planning session with eight of our planners from across the country next week.  We feel their input is critical as we continue to work on implementing a very aggressive and powerful proprietary technology plan."