Now open: Broker Lifestyle survey

Now open: Broker Lifestyle survey

Now open: Broker Lifestyle survey She drives a 3-series BMW, vacations in Cuba, and had her 25-year mortgage – which was placed with a bank -- paid off in less than a decade. She also owns an investment condo downtown that is rented out to a young professional. Does this sound like the typical broker?

CMP is now set to delve deeper into what it means to be a broker and publish the industry’s second annual “Broker Lifestyle” survey. Click here to participate.

Our objective is to give mortgage brokers the kind of industry profile other professions have and, more specifically, give you a sense of just how much you have in common with your peers across the country.

We hope to glean information about the most popular car choice, clothing preferences, housing preferences and, well, more sensitive issues such as average salary. Of course, all answers will be collected anonymously to ensure the utmost privacy and names won’t appear anywhere in print.

The survey takes no more than five minutes to complete and every entrant has the chance of winning an iPad Mini. Speaking of which, does the average advisor prefer Blackberry, iPhone or Android?

Find out answers to these questions and more in our November issue; but before then, click HERE to take part in the survey.