Now is your chance to help shape the industry

Now is your chance to help shape the industry

Now is your chance to help shape the industry Ever felt like your voice isn’t being heard by industry associations? Now is your chance to have your say by taking part in CMP’s Broker Sentiment Poll – which will be shared with industry associations upon completion. Click here to take the five minute poll.

In these uncertain times it’s more important than ever to collect data about how brokers feel about the future of the industry and we intend to do just that with our annual Broker Sentiment issue. Click here to take the quick five minute survey; the responses will then be shared with Canada’s mortgage broker associations to ensure broker voices are heard.

Brokers are already calling this survey the most effective lobbying tool to help shape not only mortgage rates but also government guidelines and lending guidelines in 2015.

“It’s really important that brokers give ongoing feedback,” Layth Matthews of RateMiser Mortgage Advisors told “It shouldn’t feel like it’s an attack; it’s very healthy to give ongoing feedback to the broker associations because otherwise they can get far afield from our core interests.”

So don’t delay. Let us know how you feel about the current rate environment, rate discounting, diversifying, and the future of mortgage regulations by taking our Broker Sentiment Poll.