Networks prepare brokers for anti-spam law

Networks prepare brokers for anti-spam law

Networks prepare brokers for anti-spam law Networks – and at least one broker association -- are stepping up to help their broker partners prepare for the upcoming anti-spam legislation.

“There has been a lot of support and consultation from Invis Mortgage Intelligence and from the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia (MBABC) as well, who took a lead role assisting their membership,” Troy Resvick of Invis Resvick & Associates Mortgage Advisors told “Invis has been very proactive in preparing its brokers for the upcoming anti-spam legislation. Members of our executive, marketing and compliance team have recently completed a cross-country tour, delivering our 2014 Professional Development Program, which included a thorough review of the new Invis Mortgage Intelligence compliance requirements (for) the anti-spam legislation.”

Effective July 1, any unsolicited electronic message sent may be considered a “commercial electronic message,” and – under Canada’s Anti-Spam Law -- any CEM sent will be prohibited unless its receiver has provided consent. Penalties can range from $1 million for an individual offender and $10 million for companies.

Although it requires planning on the part of brokers who regularly disseminate newsletters, many other industry leaders are also stepping up to help players ready themselves.

Verico is doing a webinar to help brokers prepare for it and I imagine they will provide some sort of form letter for us to send out,” Sue McCormick of Verico Capital Mortgages told

However, one organization that has been mum on the issue is CAAMP, according to Lee Welbanks of Verico Welbanks Mortgage Group. Welbanks has yet to receive a response from President and CEO Jim Murphy to an email inquiry sent April 17.

“I’d be very interested to hear CAAMPs stance on this looming issue,” Welbanks wrote in the email.  “Something needs to be done and as our trade group I expect CAAMP to advocate for us and spread the word to other groups that could also suffer under this new law.”


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