NDP's Singh lambasts Liberals on housing situation

NDP's Singh lambasts Liberals on housing situation


Blasting the Liberal government’s current strategy, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh recently alluded to what he assured is a broader, more effective housing plan.

Further details of the announcement, made ahead of a February 25 byelection in the B.C. of Burnaby South, remain under wraps, but Singh assured that the particulars will help build 500,000 new affordable housing units nationwide over the next decade. Singh added that the plan will be released in full later.

The NDP said that among the goals of the plan is to woo progressive urban voters away from the Liberals.

“When it comes to dealing with this housing crisis, we need to use every tool in our toolbox to solve this problem and ensure people have access to a place to call home,” Singh said, as quoted by The Canadian Press.

“We need to get serious about this crisis,” he stated. “Mr. Trudeau is not serious about this crisis. He likes to talk about it but his actions don't back this up.”

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What is known about the plan is that it will urge the federal government to stop slapping GST onto the costs involved in the construction of new affordable units.

The government should also raise the first-time home buyers’ tax credit from $750 to $1,500, along with giving subsidies to renters who are dedicating more than 30% of their earnings to housing expenses.

Toronto Liberal MP Adam Vaughan countered by saying that the Liberals’ $5.7 billion in housing spending already speaks for itself.

“I don’t think there’s a government in the history of this country that’s been invested in housing the way we have,” he said. “The NDP can talk about housing. We’re busy building it.”

Vaughan further warned that the NDP’s proposal of up-front investment in housing and subsequent maintenance, as opposed to a gradual strategy, represents considerable danger.

“Their front-end loading plan is a recipe to bankrupt housing providers right across the country.”