myNext moves to fill Macquarie/Concentra funding gap

myNext moves to fill Macquarie/Concentra funding gap

myNext moves to fill Macquarie/Concentra funding gap

Lender myNext Mortgage is now extending its reach outside Mortgage Architects and to the rest of the broker channel, its CEO suggesting the move will help fill the funding gap left by two recent defections.

“With the recent announcements of lenders leaving the marketplace, we feel that the timing is perfect," said Alex Haditaghi Friday, in a press release alluding to the departure of both Macquarie Financial and Concentra. "It is never good for our industry when a lender closes shop. Brokers need a strong selection of lenders and now they have a new option to present to their clients."
The lender’s distribution channel now gets pushed out to “select brokers outside of the Mortgage Architects and group of companies in B.C., Alberta and Ontario,” says Haditaghi. The vetting standards haven’t yet been released, although myNext is pointing to “certain qualifying hurdles” for those brokers, who must also be “interested in a long-term partnership of mutual benefit.”

The announcement confirms growing speculation that myNext would make the move in an effort to grow its originations channel, in part because of the loss of a key brokerage-partner in Ottawa last year. As recently as December 2010, that funding gap had yet to be closed, according to financials from the publicly held, and Haditaghi’s deal to acquire the Invis/Mortgage Intelligence networks remains stalled.

“It’s a good decision,” said David Armstrong, broker and general manager for River City Financial Your Mortgage Architect – MA’s first franchise, launched this spring. “It’s not like it’s a surprise that they needed to increase their funding, and the timing helps make the point to brokers that they need to be focused on competing with the banks and not with each other.”

Still, brokers within the corporate family will retain benefits from funding deals through myNext that their counterparts outside the network won’t. Haditaghi is confirming the coming launch of a trailer fee option, exclusive to MA and agents and offering 105 basis points upfront (volume bonus and finder’s fee) plus 18 bps each year for the life of the mortgage.


“There will also be reward points on top of the 105 upfront, Haditaghi told, “and, again, the program is exclusive to and Mortgage Architect brokers and agents.”


Armstrong is also pointing to incentives that offset partnership fees as another reason why brokers within the current network aren’t likely to feel slighted. Broker buy-in has, in fact, been very strong, said Haditaghi. “We have consulted with many of our brokers from Mortgage Architects and and they have been largely supportive because they are very supportive of the broker channel,” he told


Haditaghi has already focused on diversifying the lender's reach into the broker channel, this spring announcing it was going “conventional,” by moving to offer “prime conventional mortgages” through its Mortgage Architects and distribution channels. it is also an approved lender with both CMHC and Genworth Financial, and earlier this year, myNext Commercial Mortgages Inc. was launched, focused on industrial, commercial or investment real estate deals ranging from $1 million to $100 million-plus.

Residential deals, nonetheless, remain the foundation for the lender, even as originations slow across key markets following the introduction of new mortgage rules this spring. An increasingly aggressive sales strategy at the banks has also challenged the broker channel to retain and win new clients now being offered loss-leader rates at the Big Five.

Still, that volatility may accrue to the benefit of myNext as it makes its push deeper into the broker channel. Friday it announced new regional VPs for business development -- Jim Fitzgerald, assigned to  Ontario (Toronto and West), and Dave Mercer, who’ll head efforts in Alberta. Two other appointments, for B.C. and Eastern Canada, are expected in the next few weeks, according to Friday’s release.

  • ON Broker II 2011-07-19 5:00:31 AM
    For brokers outside or MA I am sure myNext will help redefine the age old question: "who owns the client" Might as well just sent them your database.
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  • John Bargis 2011-07-19 9:03:46 AM
    I applaud the efforts of myNext, and certainly wish them well with their endeavors. But unfortunately when taking the historical performance of similar lenders into account, coupled with the current market conditions, there is much cause for concern. Aside from the issue of the ownership of ones data, which is not a new topic of debate in our industry, the bigger concern is the reaction of consumers if they were to receive a letter, requesting they seek financing elsewhere, should myNext not survive the carnage that in my opinion is not over yet. I'm certainly not saying myNext is doomed to failure, however if lenders the size of GMAC, and HSBC Finance, both of whom owned and operated mortgage broker houses, packed their bags and shut down their broker operations here in Canada, other smaller lenders are certainly not immune. Events like lender departures from the marketplace are not favorable to the image of our industry, as we all witnessed with the onslaught of orphan mortgages that hit the market as a result of lender departures. The uphill battle we face daily with the severe competition from the mainstream lenders is tough enough.....Just my thoughts.
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  • Seriously.... 2011-07-20 3:40:43 AM
    You want us to send "you" our clients. Like ON Broker II said why don't I just send you my database and call it a day. Just open the door and let the fox into the hen house....everything will be just
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