MortgageBOSS beefs up with three upgrades

MortgageBOSS beefs up with three upgrades

MortgageBOSS beefs up with three upgrades

Integration with CMHC’s Emili, automated communications and enhanced transaction analysis capabilities are three new upgrades to Mortgage Alliance’s origination software, MortgageBOSS.

“The main goal for us is to have a system that helps brokers build enduring equity and quantify the value of their database of customers,” said Christa Mitchell, executive assistant for MAC.

The three upgrades are:

  1. The Super App - The application analyzes the mortgage application as it’s entered and eliminates the lenders that don’t qualify before users submit the application
  1. The CMHC Emili Tracker – This allows brokers to find out the status of their deal with CMHC in real-time with the click of a button
  1. The Auto CC - An automation of communication feature that helps brokers create personalized communication materials such as emails, letters and newsletters for prospects, customers and referral sources

MortgageBOSS (Broker Origination Software Solution) was not an instant hit when it was launched five years ago.

“My biggest issue in the past with MortgageBOSS was that it was much slower that Filogix,” said Katie McDowell, broker/owner of MAC Mortgages are Marvellous in Calgary.”But the system has been constantly upgraded and now I can do a lot of things with it that can’t be done in Filogix.”

Today, McDowell said, her favourite MortgageBOSS functionalities are its accounting and key performance indicator features.

“The accounting tool enables me to carryout payroll tasks without the need for a full-time payroll personnel,” said McDowell. “The KPI measuring tool tells me how each agent, lender or file is performing from a single computer screen dashboard.”