Mortgage provider launches two new programs

Mortgage provider launches two new programs

Mortgage provider launches two new programs Marlborough Sterling announced Thursday that launch of two new products – OmigaLite and MSC Link.

“These new products provide leading edge capabilities and functionality, helping lenders and brokers meet the ever changing requirements of the highly competitive Canadian mortgage market,” Chris Pornaras, Marlborough Stirling Canada CEO, said. ”The development of MSC Link demonstrates the capability of our systems integration business, which enables professional services to use enterprise brokerage technology, maximizing their operational efficiencies and creating true enterprise value.”

MSC Link

MSC Link aims to allow for more streamlined processes between brokers and lenders, according to Marlborough Sterling.

“This service removes the need to integrate multiple systems to manage data. MSC maintains the MSC Link, supports data mapping, and manages the transmission and receipt of information between the broker and the lender,” the company said in a release. “This solution creates control at the broker level, with MSC divesting the right to store and process data.”

It will be available summer 2016.


OmigaLite is an underwriting platform aimed at small and mid-sized lenders. It’s a smaller version of the Oimga underwriting platform.

“Core functionality includes automating adherence to policy, procedure, business and risk rules, as well as audit and regulatory requirements,” Marlborough said. “.   In addition, the inclusion of the Broker Portal – enabling users to see the status of deals in real time - provides further efficiencies for lenders and brokers alike.”

The platform offers full disaster recovery and training environments to help avoid data corruption or loss.