Mortgage network acquisition announced

Mortgage network acquisition announced

Mortgage network acquisition announced Group Multi- Prêts Mortgage Alliance has purchased Invis and its affiliated company Mortgage Intelligence.

The acquisition makes it one of the largest full-service brokerage in Canada.

“The addition is a great fit for us as it affirms this company’s deep commitment to the success of our brokers, and the value they provide homebuyers,” said Luc Bernard, president and CEO, Group Multi-Prêts Mortgage Alliance. “To us that means delivering more than a transactional experience, but rather an experience that gets to the heart of what customers want when it comes to home financing – choice, convenience, confidence, and transparency. We believe in the tremendous opportunity that exists for us and our brokers in today’s thriving ecosystem, and this agreement not only continues our solid game plan to transform the mortgage lending landscape, but tackles it from a position of strength.”

The acquisition boosts Mortgage Alliance’s network to over 3,000 brokers and annual originations to $22 billion.

“We’re very excited to join forces with an organization we feel aligns to the values and vision for having the strongest broker network in the mortgage space today,” said Cameron Strong, CEO, Invis Mortgage Intelligence. “The combination will be formidable. Together our brokers will be able to harness innovative proprietary technologies, a broader suite of mortgage and insurance products, and have the buying power to provide our customers the best possible mortgage for making their homeownership dreams a reality.”
  • @kiltedbroker 2016-10-03 3:56:13 PM
    Wow, huge news! Congrats to everyone involved!
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  • Ron Butler 2016-10-03 3:57:57 PM
    Well, the writing has been on the wall on this one for a while now. Good luck to all involved.
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  • bob 2016-10-03 4:17:44 PM
    is this a sign that sooner or later this company to will be bought by one of the big 5 banks?
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