Mortgage Brokers Ottawa/City adds to leadership team

Mortgage Brokers Ottawa/City adds to leadership team

Mortgage Brokers Ottawa/City adds to leadership team

Mortgage Brokers Ottawa/City announced Monday that it has hired Anisa Lancione to fill the role of Director – Alternate Lending. The position charges her with leading Advanced Private Lending, the private lending arm and sister company of Mortgage Brokers Ottawa/City.

"This is a great day for Mortgage Brokers Ottawa/City and all of our agents and brokers. It is always exciting and rewarding when an industry professional like Anisa Lancione decides that Mortgage Brokers Ottawa/City and our Advanced Private Lending Division is the best fit for someone with her knowledge and experience,” Michael Hapke, president of Mortgage Brokers City/Ottawa Advanced Private Lending said. “By adding someone like Anisa to our team, we are very confident we can reach our goals of being an Eastern Ontario leader in the private lending arena.

“More and more business is done by exception rather than the rule these days and Anisa knows just how to get these tough deals completed,” Hapke continued. “It truly is an exciting time of growth for our group of companies."

Lancione brings ten years of experience to the new role; one she assures her broker peers will allow her to provide impartial service for their deals.

"APL is an exciting opportunity to take what I have learned over the last 10 years in this industry and help other brokers successfully place their borrowers in the right alternative loan--and to help investors identify the most suitable mortgage for their investment portfolio," Anisa explains. "And because APL is a Mortgage Administration Lender--not a brokerage-- my colleagues and peers from other (competing) brokerage firms can count on me to provide fair and impartial service for their deals."

  • John 2013-11-26 12:57:30 PM
    Why use this brand when you are part of DLC? You should use the DLC when talking about your company. You should be proud using the DLC instead of trying to brand your company. Who knows Mortgage broker city Ottawa? All DLC Agents pay lots of money to have this great brand built. You should support it and not turn your back to it.
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  • Ron Butler 2013-11-26 2:31:13 PM
    I would certainly nominate this as an entry for the top 10 dumb comments list

    An organization who are NOT actually a part of DLC and who's agents DON'T pay into the ad fund and who has the energy, acumen, experience and knowledge to undertake the daunting task of building a MIC to offer more lending choices to a marketplace and they have to read this nonsense. John, you could find a seat at the table in that movie "Dinner for Schmucks"
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  • Mortgage Broker 2013-11-27 12:23:34 AM
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