Many brokers don’t unplug during time off

Many brokers don’t unplug during time off

Many brokers don’t unplug during time off Summer is quickly coming to a close and many brokers are thinking of taking some much needed time off; but with today’s technology is it possible to truly take time away from the office? recently ran a poll asking “with today's smart phone technology, is there such a thing as 'office hours' for you?” and only 11 per cent of respondents said they take true vacations and avoid working during them.

“I have a backup person for my vacations and advise my hottest clients I will be away; I truly need to get away from it all at least a week a year, so the cell phone is turned off and I don't check e-mail,” one broker said in the comments section. “One day we will all retire from the business and it will all stop.

However, not every industry player is willing – or able – to employ the same strategy. 22 per cent of pollsters said they work 365 days a year, while 39 per cent said office hours don’t exist. Meanwhile, others are able to strike a balance: 28 per cent have implemented regular office hours.

“We all need to unplug at some point for our own health and for the sake of our personal relationships,” the anonymous broker said on MBN. “Our clients don't always respond to us on demand.”

Interested in unplugging but not sure how to go about it? One crafty insurance professional shared his secret for enjoying a workless vacation with our sister publication,

“You know what a good spot is? Cuba,” Mark Jackson, president of The Insurance Market in Ajax, Ont. told IB. “Even if you wanted to get an email, they don’t come through. You’re away from everything. Last year when I was there, that is exactly what happened.”

Jackson said he was nervous at first but eventually let loose and was able to truly enjoy the time off.
  • Jake Abramowicz 2014-08-18 11:05:17 AM
    Interesting poll. I find that today people are on a need-to-know-asap basis. While on vacation it doesn't hurt to bring an ipad/phone and use the hotel wifi to do 2-3 checks per day for emails. Anything that must be tended to can, and what can wait, can wait. I don't turn off for a week at a time, instead I take a few hours a week here and there to do so.

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  • Nikki Taddeo 2014-08-18 12:16:33 PM
    In this very competetive industry, UNPLUGGING means the other guy will sometimes take the business. I agree with Jake..... while I am away, I check emails periodically throughout the day - mornings, once during day if I can, and evenings. Let clients know ahead of time that you are away, that they will get a reply to an email, but it will not be instantaneous. They are fine with that, and appreciate you more because you care enough to return an email albeit hours later..... (instead of a week later).
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  • Lior, Mortgage Edge 2014-08-18 5:29:11 PM
    I don't unplug because I love the work and I get a certain level of adrenaline from putting deals together. As my colleagues Nikki and Jake have said it's difficult in this business to disconnect yourself for a week or even a few days.... not because I worry about competition stealing the business but because I have to demonstrate very high professionalism. Yes clients these days have very high expectations and the only way I can meet those expectations is to set even higher standards on myself.
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