Male brokers better at self-promotion?

Male brokers better at self-promotion?

Male brokers better at self-promotion? Leading brokers discuss female representation in the mortgage industry – an increasingly important topic that CMP is set to discuss in its upcoming Women of Influence issue.

“In our industry a lot of women don’t necessarily step up and want to be recognized and it goes to something I read in this book, 'Lean In,' by Sheryl Sandberg about women not wanting to sit at the corporate table or not feeling that they are worthy enough to be there,” Sabeena Bubber of Verico Xeva Mortgage said on (#cmhTV). “So I did a little poll and I was looking through the CMP Top 75 (and) out of 75 people there were only 18 women on the list.”

The reason for the lack of representation is due to the fact that, in general, women are more loathe to “brag” than their male counterparts, Bubber said.

And it’s an opinion shared by #cmhTV co-host, Gord McCallum.

“I do think the men are better at promoting themselves,” said McCallum of First Foundation. “Which makes it appear as though the bigger, more powerful, more volume-oriented … brokers that are out there are men and maybe that’s why there are more men on these kinds of lists.”

A valid theory, to be sure, but one that will certainly be flipped on its head when CMP pays homage to the leading female voices in the mortgage industry today.

One of the questions each participant will be asked is whether they believe featuring a women-only list of innovators is even necessary anymore. Perhaps it is -- if only to coax female industry players to accept their due praise.

Check your mailbox in mid-June for this always popular issue.