Major brokerage gets Canadians out of the cold

Major brokerage gets Canadians out of the cold

Major brokerage gets Canadians out of the cold

One major brokerage is increasingly in the business of providing not only mortgages for clients but food and shelter for the homeless across Canada, an effort now being ramped up.

“Helping those who don’t have a place to call their own resonates strongly with our brokers, employees and business partners who are passionate about this cause and work tirelessly to make it a success each year,” Cameron Strong, CEO of Invis-Mortgage Intelligence, told

To date, the organization's Angels in the Night campaign has raised a total of $2 million for shelters across Canada. The longest-running corporate citizenship program in the mortgage industry, it commenced with a bang in 2002 by raising $17,000 for homeless shelters in Vancouver.

Started by Bruce Coleman, a senior mortgage consultant, the project raises funds for shelters and works closely with each one, forging relationships and building connections within the community.

“This is a much different way of connecting, giving and helping,” Anna Hewstan of Invis/MI said. “We believe that the human interaction is what makes Angels’ delivery night so special; we meet the people who will be using the items that we raised money for and purchased.”

This year, the project raised funds in ten cities across Canada by hosting a series of events including; golf tournaments, pub nights, garage sales, cocktail parties, themed parties, beer tasting events, silent auctions, raffles and a lunch program.

The company views the mortgage industry as the perfect springboard from which to establish a charitable organization focused on impacting the lifes of thousands of Canadians.

“Not a day goes by that the Canadian housing market makes the local and national news,” Strong said.  “We’re proud and inspired by a grass-roots local project that has evolved into a coast-to-coast initiative of caring and community engagement.”

To learn more about the charity or to donate, click here.

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