Major broker announces executive appointment

Major broker announces executive appointment

Major broker announces executive appointment True North Mortgage announced the appointment of its new Chief Operating Officer (COO) effective July 1.

Chad Riddell has been with True North Mortgage since March 2010 and, most recently, worked as store manager in Calgary before his appointment to COO.

“Chad has been in the industry for a long time both on the mortgage broker side and on the lender side,” Dan Eisner, CEO and founder of True North Mortgage told “He is tasked with improving the performance of True North Mortgage and ensuring every client becomes a promoter of the True North Mortgage brand.

“That’s his number one goal.”

Chad’s appointment comes on the heels of former regional manager/COO of True North, James Laird’s announcement that he will be stepping down to take on a new challenge. The transition has been in the works for months, according to Eisner.

 “This has been happening over the past four or five months," Eisner said. "It’s more of a surprise how long (James) stayed … his initial commitment to True North Mortgage was supposed to be a three-to-four year commitment.”

As for what True North – who revolutionized the industry with its store fronts and online lead generation – has planned for the future, Eisner remained relatively tight-lipped. Though he did tease an expansion of its real estate arm.

“We are expanding our real estate operation that we recently opened in Calgary,” Eisner said.