Lender welcomes latest addition to its Canadian family

Lender welcomes latest addition to its Canadian family

Lender welcomes latest addition to its Canadian family One bank that prides itself in being 100 per cent Canadian owned has recently acquired an Alberta financial institution to increase its reach in the Edmonton area.

CFF Bank has welcomed aboard Yvonne Wilchewski and the River City Financial team as the newest Canadian First Financial Centre in Edmonton, Alta.

With our remarkable expansion across Canada, says Gord Dahlen, vice president of retail banking, distribution network at CFF Bank, Wilchewski will be overseeing the strategy of CFF Bank’s third Edmonton location and 35th CFF centre.   

“Yvonne is a leader full of infectious enthusiasm and is leading a team who believes CFF is a difference maker,” says Dahlen. “I'm excited to watch them hit it out of the park.”

Wilchewski and her team of almost 20 agents have helped service over 7,000 Canadians with mortgages in the Edmonton region, and now will be offering banking and financial services through CFF Bank. 

For Wilchewski and her team at River City Financial, she is eager to hit the ground running.

“We are so pumped with energy to be given the opportunity to better serve and help our clients,” says Wilchewski, “our families and our circle of influence with CFF banking solutions.”

Wilchewski, is a valuable asset to our network of professionals with a distinguished career in the mortgage industry, bringing a new depth of experience, and innovation to the company, says Dahlen. Known for her professionalism and commitment to putting her clients best interests first, combined with a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, “Yvonne and her team are providing their clients with ways to make informed financial decisions that sustain their long-term goals for the future,” he says. 
  • Victor Simone 2015-07-27 12:24:38 PM
    CFF is very interesting.

    Is their distribution channel working for brokers ?
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  • Concerned agent 2015-07-28 1:27:27 AM
    If you go to the OSFI website you can read CFF's recent financials. They have lost 6 million dollars in the first quarter of this year and 17 million dollars in 2014. Ya gotta think time is running out.
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  • Ron Butler 2015-07-28 1:10:51 PM
    Well, Amazon has lost money for the 19 of the last 20 years so I don't feel that losing money is an absolute indication of a new company's future. There are a lot of very smart people running CFF. That being said ramping up a brand new bank is a real challenge.
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