​Lender launches mobile consumer app

​Lender launches mobile consumer app

​Lender launches mobile consumer app One major monoline lender has become the first to launch its own mortgage calculator app for iPhone, iPad and android devices.

“We constantly look for innovative ways to stay connected with our customers,” MERIX CEO Boris Bozic said. “Integrating our business with technology and providing tools for our customers has and always will be a priority for us.”

MERIX’s My Mortgage Calculator app gives consumers the ability to project mortgage payment information based on a number of user-controlled variables. It also features a payment frequency option, mortgage summary and RSS feeds, while also offering streamed mortgage industry and housing information.

“Our goal is to get the MERIX icon on as many digital devices as we can,” Bozic said.

The lender has committed to constant updates in a bid to keep content and technology fresh.

“The app that is available today will look much different in 6 – 12 months,” Leeanne O’Brien, director of marketing and communications for MERIX said. “This is not a stagnant product. We will continue to build upon and refine the app based on our customers’ needs and wants.”
  • Nick Bachusky- MortgageInOttawa.com 2014-11-21 4:35:23 PM
    Like many of the calculators out there, this one does not take into consideration default mortgage insurance.
    Also, why does it not ask for term of mortgage as well as amortization period.
    I do not know why you would ever release it with these glaring errors.

    All in all I look forward to the updates to include this or it is just another generic product.
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