Keeping your business culture healthy

Keeping your business culture healthy

Keeping your business culture healthy Similar to our health, business environments show tell-tale signs when something isn’t right. Give your office culture a health check by looking out for these unwanted behaviours.

Passive-aggressive communication is the norm

Found far too much in many workplaces, passive-aggressive behaviour results in side-stepping direct solutions to a problem, feeds gossip and ultimately ends up involving a whole lot of people who had nothing to do with the original problem and don’t contribute to its resolution.

Death by committee

While management has its place, if every decision requires approval from one place or another the innovative ideas from a group of keen minds will falter. Great cultures embrace a principle of “seek forgiveness rather than permission.”

Lack of discretionary effort

“It’s not in my job description” is not a healthy mantra. A vibrant workplace is made up of individuals who care and want to go beyond the bullet points of their job description. If your staff have resorted to the “just a cog in a wheel” attitude and only care for number one, it’s time to turn the workplace around.

People become clock-watchers

No one wants to spend another half day at work after a full day at work. But if your staff are ready to sprint for the door at COB it could be a sign that the office is the last place they want to be at any time, any day. This ultimately will be detrimental to the growth of your business and a good sign that something needs to be fixed.