Kash Toor on what shapes a successful independent brokerage

Kash Toor on what shapes a successful independent brokerage

Kash Toor on what shapes a successful independent brokerage

Over a decade of experience in the ever-changing, hyper-competitive mortgage industry has shaped the approach taken by Kash Toor (pictured), president and broker of record at Mortgage Partners Corporation.

Toor said that he founded the independent brokerage in 2015 with the aim of making it the leader in Canada’s alternative market.

“We wanted to compete with institutional lending and their one-way thinking by essentially selling money with less stringent rules,” Toor told MBN. “We provide both the investor and the borrower solutions to their specific needs.”

Diving into the industry as an independent entity came with significant challenges, especially when Toor and his team began trying “to find the right people to grow with our brokerage.”

Since then, Toor said Mortgage Partners has simplified its tech platform to accommodate the entire mortgage transaction process, from the initial application intake to funding.

“By doing so,” he said, “we are now able to work our way through a more streamlined process when hiring and training. Agents and brokers now focus on selling, and not on the back end.”

Mortgage Partners Corporation has a particular focus on customized lending solutions for clients and brokers that “have a unique set of requirements,” particularly the self-employed. The brokerage also deals with commercial and construction loans on transactions valued at over $5 million.

With such intricate specializations, ensuring the greatest quality training for new agents and brokers has been a lasting concern of Toor’s.

“Course providers need to up their game and do more in-depth analysis with students on real-time mortgage training: different scenarios, different types of transactions, and more,” Toor said.

To make up for the perceived shortfall in education, Mortgage Partners Corporation devotes ample resources to picking up the slack.

“There is a lot of time invested into training new agents and helping walk them through their first few deals,” Toor said. “Our brokerage has put an emphasis on mandatory training and job shadowing for all new agents. This has helped us become more efficient by cutting down the amount of time it takes to train new agents.”