International superstar announces new Toronto condo project

International superstar announces new Toronto condo project

International superstar announces new Toronto condo project

International superstar Pharrell Williams announced his collaboration with developers Reserve Properties and Westdale Properties for a new condominium project on Tuesday morning in downtown Toronto.

The two-tower residential project at Yonge and Eglinton, named untitled., will contain 750 units of one-, two- and three-bedroom units, and 30,000 square feet of amenity space, according to Sheldon Fenton, president and CEO of Reserve Properties.

Mitchell Cohen, COO at Westdale Construction Co., said Yonge and Eglinton is “destined to be the centre of Toronto,” and that the area has been in the midst of a transformation for quite some time.

“We heard you, Toronto. You want to live hear transit hubs. You want to have easy access to your jobs. You want to have access to culture, recreation, and great restaurants, and a neighbourhood filled with things to do, an awesome building called “untitled.” to call home, and this project has it all for you.”

Cohen also expressed the expectation that the project will elevate Canada’s largest city on the world stage.

Why Pharrell?

Pharrell Williams is a producer, artist, songwriter, and philanthropist who is also known for high-profile collaborations with a number of international companies and brands. It is the first time, however, that Williams has been involved in a multi-residential development project.

Williams has been involved with all aspects of the project, from the architecture to the interior fabrics and furnishings.

“When you walk into the building, we want to make sure that it continues to give you the message of this amazing vibration of being home, and once you get in it, you make it you. It’s universally beautiful, but there’s enough space for you to get into it and you make it yourself,” Williams said in a video address at Yonge-Dundas Square.

“It’s untitled because we wanted to leave space for you.”

Fenton said that the partnership evolved from a desire to do something unique for Toronto and architecture and design as a whole.

“By bringing in a cultural icon with vision and ideation from outside the realm of real estate, it would allow us to break the mould in terms of what has been traditionally done. We’ve incorporated music.  We’ve incorporated art, we’ve incorporated creativity, and most importantly, we’ve incorporated passion. This experience has been off the charts and beyond our expectations,” Fenton said.

Visual abstraction of music

Using parametric design, the sculpted, fluid form of the development is meant to follow the wavelengths and patterns of “Gust of Wind,” a song produced and performed by Williams. No two faces of the building are meant to be alike, with each one representing a different part of the song.

Rather than dictating a particular lifestyle, said Shane Fenton, COO of Reserve Properties, the interiors of untitled. were approached as “harmonious spaces” that serve as the backdrop to residents’ lives.

The official launch of the project will be in January 2020.