Housing innovators to watch out for

Housing innovators to watch out for

Housing innovators to watch out for

Through its multi-year affordability initiative, the CMHC has cited three prominent Canadian researchers in its Housing Research Awards program.

Last week, the recipients were presented the honors for their trailblazing work on research-based housing solutions, which the Crown corporation argued would “[help] shape the future of housing in Canada.”

Among the solutions that the CMHC is looking for include ideas in social sciences and the humanities, as well as health and technology.

Dr. Linda Larcombe of the University of Manitoba’s Department of Internal Medicine received the CMHC President’s Medal for Outstanding Housing Research ($15,000) for “Sekuwe (My House)”, an initiative that is focused on Dene First Nations perspectives and insights. Evan Yassie of the Sayisai Dene First Nation was also honored as a key contributor to the venture

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Dr. Paul Kershaw of the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) School of Population and Public Health received the Gold Roof Award for Knowledge to Action ($10,000) for his “Generation Squeeze” project. Kershaw’s advocacy pushes for the implementation of more equitable government policies that would help the heavily-burdened under-age-45 segment of the population achieve housing stability.

Dr. Catherine Leviten-Reid of the MBA Community Economic Development program at Cape Breton University received the Gold Roof Award for Housing Research Excellence ($10,000) for the work Understanding Rental Housing in a Smaller Community.

“The Housing Research Awards recognizes and promotes excellence and innovation in research, and also creates a better understanding of housing needs and solutions that help Canadians access housing that meets their needs and that they can afford,” according to Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development and Minister Responsible for the CMHC.

“Finding ways to help solve Canada’s housing challenges is an essential step in creating the caring, inclusive and prosperous society we strive to be.”