'Green-thumbed' brokers connect with iPad app

'Green-thumbed' brokers connect with iPad app

CMP readers are going green by pointing, clicking and downloading the new iPad app for the magazine.

“My iPad travels with me wherever I go, and I use it quite often in business meetings for presentations and as a mortgage calculator, and to sign documents with clients,” says Deepak Bansal, with Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Village. “It’s very convenient to be able to read through CMP e-Magazine wherever I am.”

The new app, which went live January 30, allows brokers to have issues of Canadian Mortgage Professional magazine in the palm of their hands – and so far about 100 people have downloaded the app in the past two weeks.

“The app is very user-friendly and easy to scroll through, simply swiping up. It easily allows you to ‘pinch and zoom’ to enlarge font size/pictures,” says Bansal. “The print quality is high and has virtually no lag-time to load each page to full clarity as you scroll through. Being able to access previous issues of the CMP Magazine from one source is also very handy.”

All of that is by design.

“The iPad magazine format helps us to better meet brokers where they live and on the devices so many of them use to get business done,” says Tim Duce, president and CEO of CMP parent KMI Publishing.

The iPad app for CMP magazine offers an enhanced version of the magazine, with hot links and all of the information of MortgageBrokerNews.ca., and accompanying video slated to go online soon.

“We can now better meet the needs of our subscribers and advertisers with this digital product and get a better sense of which stories really resonate with readers,” says Duce. “This iPad version is only the beginning in terms of contributing to and keeping pace with the broker channel’s technological advancement."

It is a free app for subscribers of the magazine and easily downloadable. Unlike many online offerings from other publications, there is no time-lag for readers – as the magazine will be online and available to subscribers as soon as the print edition goes out in the mail.