FSCO warns of mortgage fraudster

FSCO warns of mortgage fraudster

FSCO warns of mortgage fraudster The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) has issued a warning to consumers and the brokerage community that Future Brokers and Lenders Inc. and its principal, Candace Thomson are not licensed as a mortgage originator or as a loan company.

“FSCO has also received information that Ms. Thompson may be operating under the name Tasha Brooks, and claims to represent a company called National Brokers Centre,” the statement says. “Ms. Brooks and National Brokers Centre are also not licensed to do financial services business in Ontario.”

The company has advertised loans on Kijiji and, upon approval, asked for an insurance fee through money transfer.

“Ms. Thompson/Ms. Brooks has instructed consumers to wire the funds to individuals named Mark Wythlow and Richard Johnson, who are apparently located at the company’s New York office,” the statement says. “Once the fee is transferred, the promised loan is never deposited. Consumers’ attempts to contact Ms. Thompson/Ms. Brooks or the company are not successful.”

The Kijiji ad also advertised first and second mortgages and lists a website, futurebrokersandlenders.com, which has since been taken down.


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