Former bank employees find new home in broker industry

Former bank employees find new home in broker industry

Former bank employees find new home in broker industry Former bank employees continue to flock to the mortgage broker industry, with the latest defectors finding a new home with Canada’s largest broker network after gaining experience with a rival network for a year.

Dominion Lending Centres are doing a good job marketing themselves in a good way and we think it's something you should promote and in the past few years not enough people are advertising the industry but Dominion Lending Centres has been very effective at it,” Scott Westlake of Dominion Lending Centres Denova Group told “We're on the same page as them: We should be happy to be in this space that is full of hard working people who go the extra mile for our clients.​”

Westlake, along with Ashley Langford, David Goncalves, Gabriel Gallucci, and Ty Naemsch – who are all based in the GTA -- left RBC to join Mortgage Alliance in April of 2013 but were attracted to DLC because of its commitment to drawing attention to the mortgage industry through its marketing efforts.

And they bring with them three Calgary-based RBC specialists – Andy Jeffery, Cory Vance and Darren Hartel – who have decided to join Denova Group under the DLC umbrella as well.

Together, they represent over $500 million in annual mortgage volume.

“We’re delighted to welcome Denova Group to the Dominion Lending Centres family, where we’ll work together to ensure they thrive and grow in this mortgage brokering landscape full of opportunity,” Dominion Lending Centres President Gary Mauris said in an official release.
  • Ron Butler 2014-08-14 11:25:42 AM
    Another score for Gary, congrats.
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  • Gord 2014-08-14 12:11:47 PM
    Amazing... this is news!!
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  • Michael A. 2014-08-14 12:20:51 PM
    Congratulations Denova Group. Welcome to DLC.
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