Fake emails being sent to brokers purportedly from FSCO

Fake emails being sent to brokers purportedly from FSCO

Fake emails being sent to brokers purportedly from FSCO FSCO has warned brokers advertising on Kijiji that an imposter is sending fake FSCO emails warning of action if the ads aren’t removed.

“Even though they include the correct FSCO contact centre e-mail, messages such as these are not legitimate communications from FSCO,” an official FSCO release states. “FSCO does not use contactcentre@fsco.gov.on.ca to write to mortgage brokers or agents for compliance purposes.”

The emails being sent are as follows:

From: Financial Services Commission of Ontario (contactcentre@fsco.gov.on.ca)

We have received your ad and find it to be in contravention of FSCO’s advertising guidelines. You must remove this ad immediately or be subject to a fine and\or loss of license.

Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

You can respond to “Financial Services Commission of Ontario (contactcentre@fsco.gov.on.ca)” by replying to this email.

FSCO does contact brokers or agents directly via phone or email for information gathering; however, the name of the agent is always identified.

“If you believe you have received an unauthorized FSCO response about a Kijiji ad, or want to report a mortgage brokering ad that may be a contravention of the law, you can send FSCO a copy, screen-grab or photograph of the ad, along with its location and the date and time you received or viewed it,” the release states. “This information can be sent to contactcentre@fsco.gov.on.ca.”

Brokers applaud FSCO, but is it enough?
  • @kiltedbroker 2014-12-18 2:12:38 PM
    So who is behind these imposter FSCO emails trying to get brokers to remove their adds from Kijiji?

    I don't know what is worse, that someone would go through this much hassle to try to get other brokers off Kijiji or that brokers actually advertise on Kijiji in the first place?

    Now don't get me wrong, I like to buy and sell stuff on Kijiji as much as anyone else, but it's certainly not the place I am going to look for a mortgage professional... someone to help me make the biggest financial decision of my life.
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