Edmonton brokers have cause for optimism

Edmonton brokers have cause for optimism

Edmonton brokers have cause for optimism Brokers who attended the annual Edmonton housing forecast conference likely came away with a sense of optimism for their business prospects in 2014; but for those who were unable to attend, your peers have got you covered, as several of those in attendance fervently tweeted the information as it was presented and MortgageBrokerNews.ca up some of the good news.
A big theme, according to a number of posted tweets, centred on the booming economy in Edmonton and its surrounding area, which is expected to grow in the New Year and beyond.

And, of course, a healthy economy is a good indication of a healthy housing market, with single-family homes in the area expected to see a steady rise in 2014. Multi-family starts, however, are expected to moderate.

Nevertheless, with 2013 home sales outperforming forecasts, industry players in Edmonton can cross their fingers and hope the same trend will continue in 2014.

The underlying theme of the conference appears to be that Edmonton is due for healthy growth, meaning diligent brokers will have every opportunity to cash in on the healthy market.

To view the conference’s entire collection of slides, click here.