DLC Super-sizes its advertising

DLC Super-sizes its advertising

DLC Super-sizes its advertising

Brokers and marketing experts, alike, are now trying to gauge the impact of Dominion Lending Centre’s Super Bowl ads.

“Everyone was talking about it on Twitter and on Facebook,” says Ingrid Menninga, director of marketing for Jolt Marketing. “Mortgage brokers need to promote; it’s critical to the industry to advertise (because) awareness is the problem.”

DLC gambled big on two Super Bowl ads featuring Don Cherry for the Canadian broadcast of the biggest U.S. sporting event of the year. That kind of personality coupled with that kind of audience could pay big.

“A celebrity endorsement is really powerful, and you are talking to a captive audience with the Super Bowl,” adds Menninga. “It is a sports personality speaking to a sports audience.”

The two advertisements, which reached only Canadian viewers during Sunday’s CTV Super Bowl and pre-game broadcast, featured Cherry touting the merits of DLC’s brokering services.

“We had a full 30-second commercial during the pre-game show and then a full 30-second commercial again during the actual game,” says Cindy Freiman, director of public relations and communications for DLC. “This reached out to the Canadian market.”

Many of the comments on Twitter were positive:

“Did you see the DLC Don Cherry commercial during the Super Bowl? Don knows hockey, we know mortgages!” tweeted mortgage broker Jen Woodley.

“So proud to see our Dominion Lending Centres commercial play during the Super Bowl!” tweeted mortgage agent Angie Pettyjohn.

“Dominion Lending Centres got Don Cherry for a commercial. Smartest money ever spent,” added Michelle Lukings.

Still, for independent mortgage broker Shawn Allen, the proof will be in the pudding.

“It might work for Dominion,” says the broker/owner of Matrix Mortgage Global . “I talked to a woman from Dominion who said the ad got her more recognition. But will it mean more business? Maybe, maybe not.”

The Canadian audience for last year’s Super Bowl topped out at 8.2 million Canadian viewers.

The price of a 30-second commercial on U.S. networks for Super Bowl XLVII averaged $4 million, reaching 111 million American viewers and reaping immediate Twitter followers and Facebook fans. The price for ads on CTV were considerably less, although still sizable.

  • Fern Brunet 2013-02-05 7:18:11 AM
    Awesome! Makes me proud that I am part of such a great DLC team! And really the whole industry wins here, We have to compete with our biggest competitor,the banks and what better way than touting our benefits and service on national t.v., something needs to be done to overcome the public mentality of going into a bank and promote the great options and products brokers provide. Are we really content with below 30% market share... I would hope other brokerages take on the challenge! The industry needs it and we will all win!
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  • Chad Gregory 2013-02-05 9:59:28 AM
    One of the biggest challenges our industry has is the lack of consumer awareness and confidence in what we do as mortgage professionals. It shocks me that more Canadians don't understand the benefits of using a mortgage agent and one of the biggest myths still associated with brokers is that we are only for those that can't get approved at a bank. And that isn't the customers fault that they don't understand us - our industry is mostly to blame for not creating more awareness of our benefits! Fern is right, are we happy with only 30% market share? By nature, Canadians are a conservative bunch of people and if they are unfamiliar with your company then they can be hesitant to use you. Banks are a familiar brand and brands matter to people. Brands matter in every other industry! If you don't believe me, then ask youself this - why is it that in every major industry out there people can name the lead brand and the challenger brand (i.e VISA/Mastercard, Coke/Pepsi, ReMAX/Royal Lepage, Tim Hortons/Starbucks, GM/Ford, McDonalds/BurgerKing, Nike/Reebok, Tylenol/Advil, etc...) with no problem? These leading brands typically control 70-80% of the market share while all the other brands within those same markets chase the last 20-30%. And when thinking of a service or product, these lead brands are first to mind. I'm not saying they are the best, just the first to pop into a consumer's head. That's the power of a brand and you cannot deny that television advertising is a big reason these are all household names that consumers trust. In our industry, the banks have had the lead brand and in order to change that we need to let the public know who we are and what we do. DLC is doing this for our industry and has done an incredible job building a visible, national brand. Our agents comment all the time that they have had more recognition than they ever had with their previous company and spend less time trying to gain the trust of the customer as they are already familiar with us. If I were an agent with a competitor, I would be asking myself "What is my company doing to help increase consumer awareness for me and my services?". It is incredible to see what DLC has done in just 7 short years! To be advertising on the Super Bowl, the largest advertising day of the year, is truly remarkable! Plus ads on Hockey Night in Canada, TSN, SportsNet, HGTV, CBC, CTV, Global, late night programs such as David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon, prime-time shows such as Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, The Office, Criminal Minds, and the list can go on and on!! I am very proud to be a part of the DLC brand and love that we are leading the charge to educating the public on what we can do for them! Great job DLC!
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  • Joe Skeptic 2013-02-05 3:04:12 PM
    I am a DLC agent and I can tell you that I am very disappointed. I was aware that there would be ads played, however, I had hoped that they would be somewhat novel and not the same exact spot that has been recycled for 2 years now. Furthermore, most of the "positive comments" have come from DLC agents in addition to unapologetic cheer leading from the likes of DLC brass such as Chad, Cindy, Veronica & Gary. They are very good at talking about exposure, but I haven't seen one metric on how these ads have translated into leads or converted deals. I can only tell you that I have not received even one lead either directly or indirectly (from head office) as a result of this campaign (since it began long ago) or any other initiative that my $150/month has been paying for. I still think that DLC is a fantastic company with a great brand, but I truly question the value of this advertising. I hope you will excuse me for using a pseudonym, but the DLC cult might not appreciate my comments.
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