DLC signs Don Cherry for new fall TV ads

DLC signs Don Cherry for new fall TV ads

Dominion Lending Centres has signed on Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry for its new TV commercials, launching September 2010.

Cherry is best known as being the "flamboyant yin" to Ron MacLean's "yang" on the Coach's Corner segment on Hockey Night in Canada, the most watched sports telecast in the country. Cherry was also recently named one of the top 10 Canadians of all-time on the CBC program, "The Greatest Canadian," which polled the nation's citizens at large.

In May 2010, Reader's Digest ranked Cherry as one of the most trusted Canadians, which is fitting for DLC's goal to educate Canadians on their financing needs.

DLC members will have access to advertising templates on their intranet, life-size Don Cherry cut-outs for their offices, and video for websites to take advantage of the company-wide campaign.

  • Mike From Marmora 2010-07-28 2:58:56 AM
    From the "honey" in their TV ads with the "I just got up from a roll in the hay" hair-do, to Don "I are a financial genius" Cherry.

    It sure would be great if the "super brokers" tried to lead the industry by advertising with at least a passing nod towards providing the consumer with a professional image of our industry and not that of a "hooker & a hockey player".
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  • Jorge from Toronto 2010-07-28 4:21:51 AM
    You can say that again Mike. Is this what the "super broker" DLC is trying to do, by trying to sweeten their business by using a figure to sway Canadians to use them? Come on get real, this industry is becoming a joke when the "Super Broker" DLC has to use a knock em sock em figure to sway Canadians to use their services. Hire great professionals who know what their doing instead of this.
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  • John 2010-07-28 10:24:21 PM
    Come on guys, he is one of the more respected people in Canada. Suddenly a hockey player is not good enough for the public.
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