DLC quantifies Super Bowl ad success

DLC quantifies Super Bowl ad success

DLC quantifies Super Bowl ad success

Dominion Lending Centres just released its 2013 spring advertising fund update, and the numbers from that Super Bowl commercial appear to be, well, super.

“Our national website received an astounding 320 per cent increase in visitors on Super Bowl Sunday, with 40 per cent of the visitors accessing the website after the commercial aired,” says DLC President Gary Mauris. “The day following the Super Bowl, the national website received a 100 per cent increase in visitors.”

The two commercials, one airing during the Super Bowl pregame show and another after 10 p.m. during the game, were seen on the Canadian television feed.

“Some 7.3 million viewers tuned into the game in Canada, with 6.6 million viewers watching during our commercial,” says Mauris. “This represented a 61 per cent share of all people watching TV during that time.

“Our advertisements during major events like Survivor, American Idol and the Super Bowl have proven incredibly strong in building brand awareness and consumer acceptance and confidence.”

In provding the Super Bowl numbers, DLC effectively answers critics who are argue the initiative offers only marginal return for the cash outlay. Still, they are still debating whether that spike in site visits resulted in actual business for the networks members, who pay into the advertising fund that bankrolls the Don Cherry spots.

Other numbers from the spring update show DLC’s national website in 2012 received 589,835 page views, with 102,293 unique visitors, 66,854 agent search leads, 23,199 office search leads and 2,593 call-in leads.

DLC will continue its advertising campaign on Hockey Night in Canada, expanding the Don Cherry commercials to Leafs TV. Something new for the spring will be a greater focus on advertising on local news programs in markets across Canada, and active advertising prior to and during the three Home Shows in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. They ten to be programs that are rarely "PVR'd,” says Mauris.


  • Ottawa Broker 2013-02-16 3:19:19 AM
    Here is the problem with these agent paid national advertising broker campaigns, as clearly stated inthe article above. DLC is putting money into the 3 major home shows in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, what about all the agents that have paid into the fund that get NO benefit from that advertising because they are not in taht market? This is why brokers will never believe in a national advertising campaign because they can't hit every market. If they can't hit every market, why should the agents in other markets be supportting the major markets where the adevertising dollars are being spent.
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  • Derek Rowley 2013-02-16 5:45:10 AM
    Well said Ottawa Broker

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  • Louie Bettio, Mortgage Alliance Brand Champion 2013-02-16 6:06:58 AM

    Good thing we’re finally talking numbers.

    Mortgage Alliance Customer Web Hits 11,488,008
    Customer Unique Sessions – 832, 214
    Page Views 3, 542, 766
    Over 162,000 Clicks on “Find The Right Broker”
    Average Length of Customer Session, 5: 30 minutes

    Smart brand and advertising practioners always look for a balance within their media mix to create both Reach AND Frequency. One of the down sides to selectively airing a spot on ie, a Super Bowl or Season finale is that the creative bar is set very very high. You need NEW and brilliant creative to break through the clutter….because recycled ads usually won’t stand-out in that type of creative and competitive landscape.

    But equally important to “Reach” is Frequency or Recency….how many times the viewer will see the ad in a media cycle? Just do the test yourself…you probably watched TV last night…what ads do you recall ( usually referred to as a D.A.R. test– Day After Recall)…if you remember any TV ads, it’s usually because they’re running at HIGH frequency (ie, VW Jetta “Woman at Deli Counter”) or new and unique creative executions, ie Go Daddy.)

    Radio continues to be a powerful medium for building fast Reach & Frequency, which is why we largely use it to drive consumer traffic to our website where we aggressively invite and encourage customers to find their local Mortgage Alliance Broker. This is why many Banking Specialists who join us say “that they never heard or seen other broker advertising”…that’s the “Ultimate Consumer” world that we strive for vs a trade or recruiting audience/strategy playing to a very limited audience. PLUS we strongly skew our media buys towards Women – who are key influencers and engagers in our brand and consideration/purchase process
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