DLC launches new company

DLC launches new company

DLC launches new company The Dominion Lending Centres National Sales Conference officially kicked off with an opening address from President Gary Mauris, which included the official launch of its own insurance company.

“What is missing in our industry?” is the question Mauris said DLC is pondering.

“We’ve been looking at this for two years, we’re building a national insurance company,” he announced at the opening address of the Dominion Lending Centres National Sales Conference.

The company, called insureline, aims to be the largest property and casualty insurance company in Canada.

“Imagine an insurance company that helps you close on time, every time,” an ad for the company, played during the address says. “Welcome to insureline.”

insureline is an online brokerage catering to the mortgage broker industry that will function in much of the same way -- by aiming to shop for the best insurance for clients at the best rates through a number of insurance providers. It will offer home insurance, as well as a few others.

Others, such as term life and creditor insurance will not be offered.

According to the advertisement, it once took days to acquire an insurance quote. insureline, as an online brokerage, uses proprietary technology to find the right policy for the client. It also fills out the forms and provides quotes in minutes. 

The process will be seamless, according to the advertisement, with deals going from the DLC system to the insureline system automatically.

And although it’s an online platform, clients can also speak with a licensed agent if they choose to.

For DLC brokers, the addition represents an extra revenue stream, helping them deepen relationships with clients.

“insureline will be the largest property and casualty (company) in Canada,” Mauris announced to the almost 700 brokers in attendance.

Mauris’s address provided an overview, with MortgageBrokerNews.ca, where possible, to provide details around broker remunerative structures as they come in.