DLC hopes to score with new marketing initiative

DLC hopes to score with new marketing initiative

DLC hopes to score with new marketing initiative

Want to win $100,000?

That’s the message Dominion Lending Centre is sending potential clients as part of their unique marketing initiative: Its NHL hockey pool that is set to commence today.

“We track how many people sign up for the pool under each individual agent through a banner on their website (and) each agent can also view a list of who has signed up for the pool,” Cindy Freiman of Dominion Lending Centres told MortgageBrokerNews.ca. “We also have permission-based marketing through the sign-up that enables the agents to continue marketing to those who give their permission -- this has been a very successful tracking device for us.”

It’s a way for the brokerage to not only connect with potential clients but to strengthen the brand as well – by tapping into a passion shared by many Canadians.

“The free hockey pool is just one more way Dominion Lending Centres is reaching out directly to Canadians and building our brand and, to date, it is an extremely effective marketing and branding tool,” Freiman said.

This is the second installment of DLC’s hockey pool and the first to be held during the regular season.

“Our first pool, which was a playoff pool for last season, saw more than 12,000 Canadians sign up across the country,” Freiman said. “We’re anticipating a lot more people signing up for this regular season pool because they won’t need to keep changing their picks throughout, as is the case with any playoff pool as teams get eliminated.”

As part of the campaign, the company will also run a 15 second commercial that will air during all Canadian hockey games this fall on CBC, Roger’s Sportsnet and Leafs TV.

And DLC brokers can use the pool to connect with clients by using branded posters, business cards, email signatures and social media resources specifically designed with marketing the pool in mind.

“Many agents are also holding their own pools within this pool and awarding additional prizes for their mini-pools,” Freiman said. “This is a great way to reach out to Canadians without actually selling anything, and staying top of mind for the next time they require mortgage financing.”

To sign up for the free pool or to learn more, check out the official website.

  • jim 2015-10-05 4:49:26 PM
    I among others are wondering if there is going to be a hockey pool this year.
    I've sent other e mails and not been answered.
    A professional organization should respond.
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