DLC adds new TV spot

DLC adds new TV spot

DLC adds new TV spot

Dominion Lending Centres’ new TV spot features young girls talking about what their homes mean to them – a campaign acknowledging the power of women in home financing decisions.

“This ad is meant to appeal to the ‘family demographic’ (which is still our target demographic of males and females ages 25-54), but intends to reach the female influence in the home purchase rather than the sports enthusiast that might be familiar with our Don Cherry commercials,” Veronica Love-Alexander, DLC’s VP of network development, told MortgageBrokerNews.ca.

The new campaign is a concerted effort by the company to diversify outside of the traditional messaging often found in mortgage lending ads.

“We wanted to do something that got away from the regular ‘best service,’ ‘free,’ ‘lowest rate’... and go towards a more emotional message," said Derek Loose, DLC Mortgage Excellence, who came up with the idea for the ad.

His brainchild was inspired by personal development guru Darren Hardy’s White Knight Strategy, which poses the question: “What would make your marketing message so inspiring that Oprah would invite you on her network to talk about it (and show your commercial)?”

And DLC believes featuring children talking about homes is the perfect inspiration for soon-to-be home buyers.

“No matter who you are, your home is the most important and memorable purchase you will make in your life,” Loose said. “Why I think it's so great is because the kids truly show us why our homes make us smile.”

For those worried that the company will be pulling the old Don Cherry ads in favour of this softer approach, fear not: DLC plans to run both ad campaigns.

“This ad will certainly run alongside the Don Cherry spots. The Don Cherry spot will continue to air on news and hockey,” Love-Alexander said. “The Don Cherry commercial also serves as a brand-build, while this new, softer approach will engage the female market, younger and older families alike.”

The new ad is set to appear on television starting in September.