DLC addition hopes branding will help brokers compete with banks

DLC addition hopes branding will help brokers compete with banks

DLC addition hopes branding will help brokers compete with banks

The move by a 20-year industry veteran to join a network in expansion mode may further bolster its membership.

“Absolutely -- I think it’s inevitable that companies will continue to amalgamate,” Mary Gronkowski, Dominion Lending Centres’ most recent account executive hire told MortgageBrokerNews.ca. “My main roles are to recruit franchises, to grow teams, (and) training and development.”

Gronkowski hopes to foster the kind of growth that will not only help the company grow, but help the industry as a whole better compete with its rivals in the big banks.

“Our market share in the industry hasn’t grown in the last 20 years and branding will help us do that,” she said. “It worked for the banks and when companies focus on branding, it’ll help the overall industry by bringing knowledge to the consumer about what a mortgage broker can offer.”

And she’s confident that the DLC team has assembled the tools and people needed to achieve this goal.

“Branding and having the right exposure to the average consumer will help us grow and companies that focus on branding get it,” Gronkowski said. “There is innovation, movement when leadership is passionate.”

Gronkowski joined Mortgage Intelligence ten years ago and continued to sharpen her skills with MI/Invis after they amalgamated.

She eager to take on her new challenges.

“It’s such a refreshing change,” Gronkowski said. “The comeraderie at DLC is amazing: I got a ton of calls after they sent out the announcement. It was very welcoming.”

  • Bill Nugent 2013-10-02 10:45:04 AM
    Mary welcome aboard. We at Neighbourhood Dominion Lending are looking forward to working with you once again as you bring a lot of knowledge, compassion for the industry and a great understanding to DLC.

    Wish you all the success in the world.
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  • Dale L Bilton 2013-10-02 11:39:00 AM
    Also want to welcome you to DLC, Mary.
    Look forward to working with you again.
    All the Best.
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  • Veronica Love-Alexander 2013-10-02 12:58:25 PM
    Welcome Mary! Looking forward to working with you!

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