Digital Marketing Bootcamp to be hosted by industry experts

Digital Marketing Bootcamp to be hosted by industry experts

Digital Marketing Bootcamp to be hosted by industry experts

Most brokers admit social media can help bolster business to unfathomable heights, but creating and maintaining an online presence just doesn’t come naturally to some. For them, digital experts are constantly posting blogs, writing articles and hosting seminars to help social media-phoebes break into the burgeoning marketing space – and one recent offering is hosted by two women with a great deal of mortgage industry knowledge.

“It’s going to be a very actionable course with specific steps broken down, worksheets and exercises,” Kerri-Lynn McAllister, chief marketing office for told “I think it’s hard for individual agents to compete with a marketing team like ours, but they can take a number of initiatives and add them to their marketing repertoire.”

Together with RateHub’s founder, Alyssa Richard – and one of CMP’s Women of Influence – the two savvy marketers are hosting a Digital Marketing Bootcamp, hosted at HackerYou headquarters. And although it isn’t geared specifically toward brokers, the lessons gleaned will help any entrepreneur add digital value to their marketing.

“It’s not industry specific but, given that we will give a lot of mortgage industry examples, I think it would be great for mortgage brokers,” McAllister said. “HackerYou launched a year or two ago, an organization that provides digital training to small businesses and entrepreneurs. They do a lot of web development, design.”

The two-day event, which is set for November 21-22, will feature several integral lessons in digital marketing, according to the event’s official website.

“You’ll learn about Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Google Analytics & Optimization, Content Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media in detail, each of which will be followed by interactive exercises with readymade worksheets and guides. You’ll have the chance to create Cost-Per-Click (CPC) campaigns, build an SEO strategy, work with a designer to create a visual campaign for Facebook, and more.”

And although there are no qualms that brokers may be wary of anything offered by, McAllister believes the organization can work with brokers to further the industry.

“I know that sometimes we get a bad rap with the brokers because they don’t like the rate-driven nature of the business, but we’re very open to sharing practices and moving the industry forward,” she said.