D+H: Lawsuit without merit

D+H: Lawsuit without merit

D+H: Lawsuit without merit


D+H is vigorously denying the allegations of a potential class action suit yet to prove it transmitted personal information to a creditor insurance provider without client consent.

“The allegations that have been made against D+H in this suit are completely without merit,” reads an office statement from D+H, sent to MortgageBrokerNews.ca from the Senior Director of Strategic Accounts at D+H, Jerry Lo. “D+H will be vigorously defending itself against these allegations.

“Privacy and protecting our clients' personal information is at the core of our business at D+H… D+H, its employees and products, adhere to and respect all privacy laws applicable to its business and its clients' personal information.”

According to leaked documents obtained by CMT from a confidential source Friday, Manulife, Benesure, Davis + Henderson and others are being sued for more than $2 billion, the as-yet-proven allegations being “Manulife and Benesure presented ‘deceptive’ form documents to clients and sent letters that appeared to be from the client’s mortgage broker and which ‘strongly’ recommended purchasing creditor life insurance,” reads the CMT article. “Davis + Henderson transmitted personal information about mortgage clients to Manulife and Benesure without the clients’ consent. (This information was purportedly taken from people's mortgage applications, which D+H controls by virtue of owning the Expert mortgage origination platform.)”

As the litigation is before the courts, says Manulife, in a statement to CMT, “it would be inappropriate to comment.”  

The allegations have taken one former Benesure exec by surprise.

“A colleague of mine pointed out the story to me,” said Kelly Price, who served as marketing and creative director at Benesure up until a few weeks ago. “It was a total shock.”

“It is totally based on something that hasn’t been proven yet.”

MortgageBrokerNews.ca continues to reach out to Benesure and Manulife for comment.

  • Derek Rowley 2013-03-12 4:18:58 AM
    Sad to say but some of it is true in that I had clients who received letters from a creditor insurer using my name in their letter and when I went to my head office back then I was basically told to keep my mouth shut as it could hurt a lot of people. So, there is some truth to this.
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  • Frank 2013-03-13 4:02:41 AM
    From my experience with D+H, I doubt they exchanged the data with their partners.
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  • Derek Rowley 2013-03-13 4:08:28 AM
    I need to clarify my previous comments. What I experienced was not a D & H or expert issue - not at all. It was with another agent who is no longer in the industry, My apologies if I mislead otherwise. D & H and expert are awesome partners and very secure.

    Derek Rowley
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