Customized session for online lead chasing

Customized session for online lead chasing

Customized session for online lead chasing Brokers are increasingly looking online for leads and this year’s keynote address at The Mortgage Summit will focus on how they can better use the digital sphere to get in front of potential clients.

“Mortgage brokers are going to benefit by learning more about how to connect with their particular clients in their niche markets; there are so many challenges today to the industry as a whole in terms of getting in front of the very people they want as clients,” Mark Reeves, online marketing strategist for Wisdek Corporation told “They’re competing with the major financial institutions.”

The 2014 Mortgage Summit, which will lead into the Canadian Mortgage Awards, is set for May 8. Click here to register for the event.

Reeves, along with Ryan Judd, director of marketing for Wisdek, will host a session that will provide digital marketing strategies customized for mortgage brokers to help in lead generation and business development.

“The majority of the public is really unaware of some of the benefits that they can capitalize on by speaking with a broker and my job as a marketing strategist with Wisdek is to provide my clients an opportunity to place themselves more effectively in front of those people, be able to learn about how to market themselves properly, and provide them the tools that are available to them now to accomplish those chores,” Reeves said.

They will focus on helping brokers better understand their audience and discover platforms customers engage with, the devices they use and how they may fit into their sales funnel; important information in light of new Google updates that are just waiting to be taken advantage of by brokers.

“There are a wide range of services that stem from the recent updates Google has implemented,” Reeves said. “Those changes have brought about certain opportunities for the industry and I think the largest segment of the mortgage industry that has the most to gain are actually the smaller to medium-sized brokerage houses.”