CMP Top 50 Brokers list announced

CMP Top 50 Brokers list announced

CMP Top 50 Brokers list announced

2010 was a good year for Canadian mortgage professionals. Just check out the numbers.
Now in its fourth year, the CMP Top 50 Brokers survey, in partnership with FirstLine Mortgages, saw an increase in submissions as well as a surge in funded volumes across the board.
Today, CMP is releasing the first 40 brokers on the list, many of who are making their first appearance. On Wednesday, the top 10 brokers in Canada will be announced.

The rules for submitting were straightforward: you must be employed as a mortgage professional able to write loans and the deals must have been personally originated by you (back-office support in processing the loans is acceptable, but no other parties have been paid commissions on the deals).
We went to confirm figures submitted by everyone with brokerage head offices and lender underwriters. We recognize that although numbers are paramount when it comes to ranked lists, there are complexities to any survey and reasons behind every ranking.

A high volume and a large number of deals can indicate that you are doing something right to stand out from the crowd, be it launching a clever marketing campaign, tapping into new referral sources, building a list of “niche” clients or simply providing top-notch customer service. It also, in many cases, speaks to a mortgage professional’s hard work over his or her years in the industry.

50. Michael Hapke, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa  The Mortgage Centre - $41,508,353

49. Reed Harris, VERICO Manifest Mortgage Corp. - $41,564,458

48. Tonia Jacobsen, Dominion Lending Centres Canadian Mortgage Experts - $41, 861,544

47. Paul Stapley, Dominion Lending Centres Coastal Mortgages - $42,000,000

46. Darick Battaglia, Dominion Lending Centres YBM Group - $42,219,695

45. Darren Keck, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa The Mortgage Centre - $42,287,735

44. Aman Khatkar, VERICO Aman Khatkar Mortgage Group - $42,660,210

43. Terry Short, The Mortgage Centre - $45,221,762

42. Lisa Yun, Elder Mortgage The Mortgage Centre - $46,178,201

41. Maria Kyle, Dominion Lending Centres Vintage Financial - $46,830,907

40. Sabeena Bubber, VERICO Integre Mortgage Partners - $47,017,100

39. Jeff Attwooll, Dominion Lending Centres Your Mortgage Partner - $47,930,360

38. Robert Floris, Mortgage Architects - $48,362,000

37. Bruce Gilkinson, Gilkinson Financial The Mortgage Centre - $48,687,195

36. Lance Cook, CBM Canada’s Best Mortgage - $52,541,244

35. Deb White, Dominion Lending Centres White House Mortgages - $54,071,234

33. Jason Singh, VERICO COD Financial Services - $55,000,000

33. Lisa Manwaring, Mortgage Alliance Meridian Southwest Mortgage - $55,000,000

32. Jeff Cody, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa The Mortgage Centre - $57,322,837

30. Harold Tagg, Centum MortgageFlex Ltd. - $59,000,000

30. Luisa Hough, VERICO Exclusive Mortgage Professionals - $59,000,000

29. Murray Groen, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa The Mortgage Centre - $60,207,792

28. Justin Blacklock, TMG Averbach Mortgages - $60,306,000

27. Gordon McCallum, First Foundation Residential Mortgages - $62,294,794

26. Nick L’Ecuyer, VERICO The Mortgage Wellness Group - $62,837,276

25. Jordi Browne, VERICO Preferred Financing Inc. - $63,526,822

24. Sharnjit Gill, VERICO Superior Mortgage Inc. - $63,854,185

23. Mark Goode, Mortgage Architects - $64,520,356

22. Cindy Faulkner, VERICO Coastal Mortgages - $65,301,144

21. Lisa Theriault, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa The Mortgage Centre - $66,730,925

20. Debbie Belair, Mortgage Architects - $68,396,610

19. Morris Briglio, The Mortgage Advantage - $69,075,202

18. Sarah Makhomet, Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Village - $71,999,097

17. Angela Calla, Dominion Lending Centres Angela Calla - $74,717,701

16. Dustan Woodhouse, Dominion Lending Centres Canadian Mortgage Experts - $75,316,351

15. Frank Napolitano, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa The Mortgage Centre - $77,431,983

14. York Polk, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa The Mortgage Centre - $83,718,905

13. Greg Martel, Dominion Lending Centres Harbour View Mortgages - $89,000,000

12. Bill Macklem, Dominion Lending Centres Macklem Mortgages - $91,588,000

11. Christopher Bisson, Complementary Real Estate Services The Mortgage Centre - $94,588,848

  • ON Broker 2011-07-19 4:16:05 AM
    This list is a joke. There are 6 names on here that I know 100% that the entire office has to submit under thebrokers name, I worked there. Also, with many broker networks not participating in this program and until all do, how can this be classified as the top 50. Bad accounting, pooling business, brokers having all deals submitted under their name, this is nothing more than self glorification for insecure brokers. Until all accounting and audits performed by CMP magazine are open for public review, this is a joke. CMP states they do the audit, must be pretty bad auditors as I know personally of numerous names on the current list and their numbers are not just theirs. BIG JOKE.
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  • REC 2011-07-19 4:39:59 AM
    On Broker- Seems like a bit of sour grapes to me.....
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  • Ron Butler 2011-07-19 4:51:44 AM
    The rules are actually very clear and I am quite certain CMP investigates the volume reports within the limits of what the Privacy Act and common sense allows. Some of us choose not to participate for a variety of reasons and every established broker knows this is not the definitive list for mortgage volume in Canada. That being said, there is no reason to attack the list except as REC suggests: sour grapes.
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